Company mission

Our products are the pinnacle of tradition, innovativeness and a pinch of lit-up fantasy. We truly believe that by focusing on the achievement of customer service excellence we build a satisfactory atmosphere which results in joyful life.


Tradition and Innovativeness – We draw experiences from our history and tradition. By the implementation of the most up-to-date technological solutions, we will be able to offer our clients a perfect product over a long perdiod of time.

Quality and patterns – The serach for excellence goes far beyond the product quality. It is the whole range of our efforts and the care we pay to the clients well being. It is the feeling that every time the customer crosses the treshhold of our company he or she is more than welcome. We design with courage, but with funcionality in sight as well. Thanks to our detail orientation, we form positive emotions.

Social value – Our work is passion in itself. We pay utter attention to support all those who need our help. Honesty, care about the people and the social responsibility are the values which drive us in day-to-day actions.